Name: All India Association of Physiotherapists

‘Nupura’, Ummalathoor Road, Velliparamba P.O.
Kozhikode, Kerala, India 673008

All over the Indian Union

Definition: A National non-governmental voluntary, professional association of members which is unrestricted by consideration of region, race, creed, colour, politics, sex or social status.

1. To let the public know about the therapeutic value of the many untapped useful resources of the science of physiotherapy to supply information and Exercise therapy, Manual techniques, Cold, Heat, various electro therapeutic modalities, Ultra Sound, Laser etc, as to when, where and how these treatments can be had.

2. To lend help to the poor and needy patients, to provide them with artificial limbs and other appliances.

3. To look after the welfare and well being of the physiotherapists.

4. To solve the grievances of the physiotherapists through meetings and organizational works and if necessary through legislation.

5. To provide a forum for co-operation, understanding and communicating among physiotherapists working in the hospitals and clinics in India and there by promote an organizational awareness among the members.

6. Encourage high standards of physical therapy education and practice and scientific research.

7. Encourage communication and exchange of information.

8. Co-operate with international organizations.

9. Comment on social and political issues affecting health.

10. Do any and all lawful acts which maybe necessary for the development of the Association.

12. To represent to the government the necessity of respecting the practice of physiotherapy by limiting it exclusively to the fully qualified physiotherapists.

12. To conduct annual conferences, zonal conferences, classes, workshops, free treatment camps and publish newsletters and leaflets to create an awareness among patients and public about the vast and indefinite possibilities of the science of physiotherapy.

13. To organize the Continuing Medical Education (CME) programme for physiotherapists.