Course and Syllabus
The syllabus is as approved by the recognized Indian
Universities in accordance with the prescribed
standards of world confederation of physical

Association releases our own news letter titled “Physio Time” every year which carry all the latest development in Physiotherapy and the Association's messages to all members. In all the annual conferences, a reference book model souvenir is also published which contains the various articles of eminent medical personalities.

AIAP has 4 powerful zones and each zone conducts their respective zonal conference every year. AIAP also conducts couple of executive committee meeting in a year. A major annual conference extending for 2 – 3 days is also being conducted every year. In the Annual Conference a wonderful scientific session souvenir releasing, annual general body meeting etc are also being conducted.

Social Activities
In all the annual conferences, we distribute artificial limbs, wheel chair, other appliances etc to the poor handicapped patients, free of cost. We also conduct free medical camp, cerebral palsy assessment and advice camp, other public awareness camp on physiotherapy etc. we also lend humanitarian monetary aid to earthquake victims and other people affected by natural calamities.
Course program in Defence Services
After completion of one year course in Armed Forces Hospitals with some extensive syllabus consisting of anatomy and physiology, first aid, nursing, community medicine, medical administration, general education, pharmacology etc., those who successfully pass with 60% or more marks are eligible to apply for the specialist medical courses. Those elected for physiotherapy course will have a preliminary course of two months in some major rehabilitation centers. The result of which will decide the eligibility for class III course in physiotherapy, which is for 10 months. The successful candidates will be

posted to different rehabilitation centers and will work under senior physiotherapists for two years and then will be sent for class II course of physiotherapy, which is also for 10 months.

  On successful completion of class II, they will work in well-equipped rehabilitation centers for two years and will be sent for class I, which is for one year duration. Thus they undergo basic one year, preliminary course for two months, class III and class II for 10 months each and class I for one year and altogether 3 years and 10 months course. When they complete class II course physiotherapy they are given Diploma in Physiotherapy which is equivalent to Civil Diploma in Physiotherapy as per authority – Record office Army Medical corps instruction No. 91, dated 6th Sept. 1967 recommended by Central Government. Ministry of Health OM No. 2867/61/MI/M.P.T. dated 30/12/64 and Director General of Armed Forces Medical Services Personnel memorandum para 19 dated 17/3/66.

Almost all the Defense Physiotherapists undergo class I course which is an additional period of course for one year and the syllabus they cover during these entire periods is same as prescribed for Bachelor of Physiotherapy course in civil.

Thus the total course period will be: Duration
Basic  12 months
Pre-course  2 months
Class III  10 months
Class II  10 months
Total  34 months
(Diploma Given) Duration
Class I  12 months
Grand Total  46 months